Casino Quad 9 Was On My Dream Come True

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It was only a dream, but what a dream it was! It’s so real I wish it was true. This was probably before my regular Thursday visit to the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California on the same day. I can’t wait to get out of bed and run to my computer to tell you all about it.

This is my usual $4-$8 Texas Hold’em game. Not long after I sat down at a full table, I got a pair of nines – a good start. So I posted the big blind to watch the flop with a few other players. What a failure it was: 5s-9h-10h.

I returned a set of nines. Wow! Thinking this was the best hand at the moment, I played slowly so as not to force my opponent to help me build “my” pot. When you have a pair, the chance of losing a set is about 9%.

The four of us watched the bend. Believe it or not there are 9 more people on the board. Great! I looked at my own charts to make sure. Four nine! Fours are very rare. I have peanuts. The attacking player in first place refuses to bet. Then an aggressive flop was caught in middle position. On top of that, I re-raised and 3-bet. The so-called bank for both competitors is growing rapidly, which made me happy to visit the best gaming agent Sbobet.

I stopped for a moment to consider the situation. It’s clear that both opponents have good hands – perhaps very strong hands. My best, I’m sure. River cards are very important. Another 10 on the board can give opponents a few tens and quadruple tens. Yes, far, but better than my new ATV. Since the two hearts are connected on the board, the middle heart can also help me if Villain has a 4 against a straight flush and connects with a straight flush. As I silently prayed for the low, unrelated river cards, my eyes focused on the dealer as he slowly laid out the river cards on the board.

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