How Online Censorship Will Be Used to Eliminate Your Individuality; Here he is!

The Internet has caused great concern for people who want to rule over the rest of humanity. Without media control to shape the minds of the masses, they realized that they would no longer be able to use propaganda to control citizens. This is quite problematic for the status quo of existing powers.

As such, they urgently need to find a way to control the Internet, and the content that goes viral online. Otherwise, their desperate attempts to control mankind would be exposed, and they would no longer be able to hold on to it.

But how could anyone try to censor the entire Internet? Well, it seems that it’s already happened, and people who want to control the Internet use copyright law, that’s true copyright law.

What they do is if they find something on the Internet that goes against the direction they are trying to bring to our society, they take it off track and claim that there is some kind of copyright infringement there, even though there really isn’t. One group, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, has produced what they call the “Hall of Shame” which, they say, “Calls Fake Internet Censorship.” And if something is removed from the Internet, they post it on their website and protect that information.

The UK is now working on a three-strike rule, which means that if a website is caught for copyright infringement three times, it can be pulled from the Internet forever. Unfortunately, as you know, many websites are so interactive that it’s hard to tell whether someone posted something copyrighted or not. It also seems that some people agree with this because everyone hates plagiarism, but more than 71% don’t.

However, if these laws apply bonus138, and these laws are used to remove websites that conflict with major governments, or existing powers, then we have serious problems with transparency, and counter opinion, or political dissent. And if this bill is passed in the UK, you can bet other countries will, and we will be cracking down like China has on their Internet. This is a very bad move, and very unfortunate for truth and justice. I hope you will consider this.

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