The Brazilian took home $161,042 for third place.

Jorge Abreu unlocked the button just below the 17 big blind Js on Hearts10 Spades and Lefteruk under the name A suit of Club4 suit of Club. 7 seeds 6 seeds 2 seeds could not be brought to ensure that Abreu had color balance with his living card. Lefteruk outpointed A Spade on the tour and 2 River Spades to help Abreu. The Brazilian took home $161,042 for third place.

Thanks to this, Lefteruk tied almost 10: 1 in heads-up with Endrit Geci. There were lower chips in the opening endgame, but Lefteruk still had a good head when the tournament final was decided. Lefteruk limped 400,000 pits with J Suit Hearts J Diamond Suits and Geci just played 6.4 million with K Spades 10 Club Suits. Lefteruk quickly followed and the board fell. Club SuitQ Club Suit4 Diamond Suit10 Spade SuitQ Diamond to give you a boat and a title. Geci earned $223,978 per second halo69.

Although the tournament was played six hands until the end of the tournament, the last nine players made it to the final table. At the time, Lefteruk was leading with Endrit Geci and bracelet champion Patrick Kennedy in second place. Anand Purochit is the first player to leave the field. In Spade Suit5, his Spade Suit was unable to beat the Lefteruk K Heart SuitJ Heart Suit, which created two pairs at the same time and survived. Purohit earned $22,250 for ninth place.

Below is Patrick Kennedy, who won the $840 No-Limit Bounty Holdem entry fee at the start of the series. Kennedy put a pocket stick in the pocket of King Andreas of Derezipil. Top pair fell to the riverbank and Kennedy resigned in eighth place for $30,946 for his second final table appearance in the series.

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