Want to be a Poker Pro you might go broke trying it

Wanting to be a Poker Pro you might go broke trying it – Alan Schoonmaker is a renowned PhD psychologist who, many years ago, became interested in the mental challenges of the game of poker.

He has authored 14 poker books, including four books dealing with poker psychology, as well as hundreds of columns in poker publications, videos, and podcasts. Undoubtedly, he is the world’s biggest contributor to poker psychology.

In the February 27, 2019 issue of Card Player magazine, he offers the first in a series of columns to answer a perhaps very important question: “Why Do So Many Poker Pros Die Broke?”

His advice is very important if you want to avoid such a future. And, it can also be applied to recreational poker players to some extent.

Let’s assume you’re already a recreational player bonus138 and are playing pretty well at the poker tables – ignoring the cost of playing. You have all the skills needed to succeed. So now you are thinking of becoming a pro. The money you can make will allow you and your family to live a comfortable and enjoyable life without the trouble of keeping a steady job. The thought of being your own boss attracts you to visit King 4d online gambling agent.

Think again. Schoonmaker offers good reasons to reconsider the idea. For example, he noted that even some of the top pros ended up going bankrupt. Prime examples are poker celebrities, Johnny Moss (who, early in his poker career, rose to fame after winning the first two World Series of Poker tournament championships) and Stu Ungar (regarded by many as the greatest poker player ever, his drug addiction caused him to leave. bankrupt and died at the age of 45).

Why did that happen? There are many reasons why a poker player can go bankrupt. Schoonmaker warns that variance (I call it “up-and-down”) is inevitable. If a pro doesn’t set aside some of his winnings, he is in danger of not having enough money for the next tournament he plans to enter, or for late retirement.

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